Focus Pyramid – Autofocus Lens Calibration Tool for Micro Focusing Adjustments

 Autofocus Lens Calibration Tool for Canon, Nikon, Sony, Olympus, Pentax and more!

List Price  $24.95 USD



After 100’s of hours of research and design, we developed the patent pending Focus Pyramid. Constructed of heavy board, it assembles in seconds, calibrates all of your lenses in minutes, repeat as desired! A quick, easy and cost effective solution to auto focus lens calibration that simply works!

Once calibration is set, each and every time you snap on a new lens your camera body will automatically dial in the autofocus correction required.

• 100’s of Hours of Research and Design
• Assembles in Seconds
• Calibrate Lenses in Minutes
• Low Cost – High Quality – High Value
• Made In The USA
• Patent Pending

 Our products remain affordable and easy to use without sacrificing performance!

Give your lenses a new lease on life! Focus Pyramid autofocus lens calibration tool makes it easy and affordable at half the size and cost of similar products!

Canon ( 50D, 70D, 7D, 6D, 5DMkII, 5DMkIII, 1DMkIII, 1DMkIV, 1DsMkIII, 1DIV, 1Dx, 1Dc )
Nikon ( D7000, D7100, D300, D300s, D600, D610, D700, D800, D800E, D3, D3s, D3x, D4, D4s )
Sony ( A850, A900, SLT-A77, A99, NEX-x with LA-EA2 )
Olympus ( E-30, E-620, E-5, [E-M1 only with micro 4/3 lens adapter] )
Pentax ( K20D, K2000, K200D, K-5, K-5 II, K-5 II2, K7D, 645D )
Hasselblad ( H4D, H5D )
Sigma USB Dock (any camera body)

Some lenses ( i.e. Sigma 35mm f1.4 DG with USB dock) now allow for focus adjustments within the lens which provide fine-tuning with any cameras!

* Most modern DSLR camera bodies allow for AF Fine Tuning / AF Adjustment. Contact your camera manufacture if you’re uncertain your camera will allow for autofocus calibration and micro adjustment.

If your camera does not allow for Fine Tuning of its Autofocus System, don’t worry! By using this product you will immediately know which of your lens front focus or back focus and most importantly by how much. This provides you the information needed to make sharper photographs at the time of capture. 

In the convenience of your home or studio the Focus Pyramid will help you achieve the sharpest photographs possible.

• Have you ever taken what you thought to be an amazing portrait only to find the models eyes are out of focus but the tip of their nose is perfectly clear?

• Does your compact point and shoot camera take sharper images than your $2000+ DSLR Kit at times?

For these and countless other reasons we developed the Focus Pyramid; a compact, low cost and easy-to-use autofocus lens calibrator. Using the Focus Pyramid in conjunction with one of the many modern cameras, you’ll have the option of making a global adjustment or lens specific micro focus adjustments. Remember, with the latter, each and every time you snap on a new lens your camera body will automatically dial in the correction required to assure precise auto-focus every time!

Take complete control over your DSLR’s focusing system today!

Past client thoughts about the Focus Pyramid?

I finally had a chance to calibrate. My 40mm pancake and 85 f/1.8 were fine, but my 50mm f/1.4 needed help! The pyramid is a great tool and helped me to finally nail the focus on my lenses. Thanks for a wonderful product..

David D.

Received Focus Tool and used it to match my new Nikon D800 with a 50mm F1.4g lens. High quality print and pyramid angle helped identify focus shift between f1.4 and f2.8 thus able to tune lens to a sweet spot for the main aperture i use.Many thanks, Worth every penny.

Alan R.

I like the Focus Pyramid a lot – its quick, easy and helpful. I just bought a used Nikon D3 and spend just a few minutes running through my four lenses to make the micro-adjustments for that body. The Focus Pyramid takes just a few minutes to set up and there are no complicated aiming and sighting requirements.

Robert R.

I have used the Focus Pyramid once so far, to calibrate my Sony 70-400 lens with the Sony A77 at the maximum zoom distance. It certainly was a lot quicker and easier than previous attempts at focus adjustments, I am really happy with the product.

Peter D.

I re-calibrated all my lenses last night only to find that 1 was ok, all the others needed some adjustment. I’m glad that your product helped me in achieving this goal.

Roger H.

The focus pyramid has become an essential part of my photography toolkit. It is fast, accurate and critical to getting tack sharp pictures. I was able to micro-adjust 6 lenses over lunch with this wonderful tool. Being portable, I’ll be taking the focus pyramid with me to make sure that my lenses are correctly adjusted no matter where I shoot. The focus pyramid is easy to setup, the online instructions are clear, simple to understand and a great way to get the most out of your camera and lenses. It’s a bargain at twice the price.

I set up the pyramid in my living room, connected my camera to my laptop and used tethered shooting in Lightroom. Zooming in to 3x I was able to easily see where my lenses were auto focusing. Setting the micro-adjustment level on my Canon 5DII, I was able to quickly dial in the right focus point. Make sure you have plenty of light on the pyramid and, as the online video shows, position your camera level and at the right distance and start shooting. You will easily see where your particular camera and lens pair are auto focusing. My pictures are noticeably sharper after just a couple of minutes. Compared to some of the competing products, the focus pyramid is much easier to set up, use and still have the level of accuracy we all desire. Thanks!

Eric L.

The focus pyramid arrived today, and after a long editing session, I put my cameras and lenses on the tripod, and shot away. AF Fine tuning the D700 was easy in Lightroom 4, but it does not yet support tethered capture for my new D800, so I did the fine tuning the long way instead. The results made interesting reading. I have 4 lenses: the 50 F1.4G, 24-70 F2.8, 105 F2.8VR and 70-200 F2.8 VR II.The 24-70 has just recently returned from Nikon after a service, and it turned in the best performance on both cameras – No adjustment needed on the D700, and -3 on the D800. The 105 F2.8 VR: Not bad.. -2 on the D700, but -14 on the D800. 70-200 F2.8 VR II: +4 on the D700, -12 on my D800. The 50 F1.4G: -8 on the D700, and I went to -20 on the D800.I am looking forward to better performance from my D800 in future, especially with all those megapixels. I never dreamt in my wildest dreams that my lenses/ cameras were anything other than perfect- I always put down out of focus images to my own poor technique.

Buying the focus pyramid has proved a revelation. Thanks a million- I’ll pass on the good news!